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Trip guidelines

Trip Guidelines and Expectations - General

  • First and foremost: Always act in a way that positively represents yourself, our program, our school, and our community at all times.

  • Be a respectful guest of the Disneyland Resort. We expect nothing less than your best behavior. Be polite and courteous to all other guests and Cast Members at Disneyland.

  • Be on time. Refer to your itinerary (“Passport to Fun”) for schedule details. You are expected to have the Passport to Fun with you at all times. Be early for everything.

  • CUSD Dress Code must be followed at all times. Flip-flops are okay.

  • No PDA (Public Displays of Affection).

  • No profanity, rude, or disrespectful behavior, or conversations of inappropriate nature.

  • If you get sick or do not feel well on the trip, please notify a chaperone or director immediately.

  • The CUSD Code of Ethics is to be followed at all times. This includes, but is not limited to the possession/use of any controlled substances, alcohol, tobacco, etc. Refer to guideline #1.

  • At Disneyland, all students will be in groups of at least four (4) students.

  • ASI students will sign up for their groups before we depart will be required be required to ’text’ check in with their chaperones at certain times throughout the day. 

Trip Guidelines and Expectations - On the Bus

  • You will be required to select a seat partner before Saturday and all seating on the bus will be assigned for the entire trip. Please stop by the BHS Bandroom the week of the trip with your seat partner to select your seats.

  • The time between our departure from Buchanan and our first stop is mandatory quiet time. You may not talk and need to sleep so you are well rested for our day in Disneyland. You may listen to music quietly by yourself (no headphone sharing); but there are to be no video games or videos played on your phone. Your phone screen must be off.

  • You must remain in your seat anytime the bus is in motion.

  • You must use headphones with music/video players always.

  • Please keep the noise to a minimum when having a conversation.

  • Only G/PG-Rated Disney movies will be allowed on the trip (no matter what device you watch them on). Make sure someone on your bus brings a DVD or two!

  • The restroom on the bus is for emergency use only and may not be used while the bus is in motion. Please use the restroom before we leave and at rest stops.