In order to have and maintain a high-quality instrumental music program, member attendance is essential. We have established the following attendance guidelines for participation in ensembles that meet exclusively outside of the school day. Participation in these ensembles is a choice and with that choice, a high level of commitment is expected.

For absences during the regular school day, please contact the Buchanan Attendance Office (559) 327-3037) or Alta Sierra Attendance Hotline (559) 327-3500.

Student performer
Attendance Expectations

These expectations apply to the following ensembles that primarily meet outside the school day: Marching Band, Symphony Orchestra, Winter Guard, & Winter Percussion.

  1. Attendance All rehearsals and competitions is mandatory. Performances are very complex and demand the full attention of all performers in the group. When one person it is absent, it affects the whole ensemble. A student may be dismissed from the ensemble if they have excessive absences.

  2. Missing Rehearsal due to Illness. If a student is going to miss rehearsal because they are ill:

    • Please send an email to or AND the director of the ensemble. You may also call the Band Office.

    • Communicate with us as soon as it is anticipated that the student will miss rehearsal rehearsal.

    • The absence must be communicated by the parent or guardian of that student. Texts from students or parents/guardians are not acceptable. Students should also communicate the absence to their section leader. 

  3. Missing Rehearsal due to Family Emergency. Reasonable effort should be made to contact the director/lead instructor in cases of family emergency before the rehearsal or as soon as it is reasonable to do so. 

  4. Missing Rehearsal the Week of a Competition or Performance. Any student who misses a rehearsal the week of a competition or performance, regardless of the reason, may be ineligible to perform in that competition/performance, at the discretion of the director. The performances/shows are constantly changing and evolving, even from rehearsal to rehearsal. 

  5. Extended Illnesses or Injuries. A student who misses two weeks of rehearsals prior to the first competition/performance or one week of rehearsals after the first competition/performance due to an illness or injury, may be dismissed from the group at the discretion of the director.

  6. Participation at Rehearsals. If a situation arises that prevents a student from fully participating in rehearsal (i.e. sitting on the sideline), the student will be asked to call their parents to be picked up from rehearsal. We do not have the staffing to supervise students who are unable to rehearse with the rest of the group. If a student needs to leave the rehearsal field/floor/area for any reason, they must let their director/lead instructor know prior to doing so.

  7. The One-Absence Rule. Students are permitted one excused absence during the season for a specific, pre-approved & unavoidable conflict. The one-absence rule does not apply the week of the show.

  8. Attendance at shows & performances is expected from the beginning of the scheduled itinerary until the very end. Missing a show or performance is grounds for dismissal from the ensemble. If you have a circumstance that requires you to leave immediately after a performance, please let us know and we will do our best to accommodate your request.

  9. Appointments and routine non-emergency profession visits (Dentist, Eye Doctor, etc) should not be scheduled at the same time as a rehearsal or performance.

  10. We appreciate a heads up when you will be missing a school day in which your ensemble is rehearsing during a class period (i.e. Winter Percussion or Marching Band during 6th period).

Any anticipated absences must be pre-approved in person with a director of your ensemble prior to the submission of the Excused Absence Request below. Communication about the absences should be made as soon as you become aware of the anticipated absence.