Donate To Our Program

The Buchanan Educational Center Instrumental Music Program depends on the gracious donations of our supporters to fund the many amazing experiences provided for our students every year. Donations are optional and not required for participation in our program. We appreciate your contribution!

DO NOT use this page to pay for trips. Trips can be paid for by clicking here.

Want to view pledges made to the program? Scroll to the bottom of this page for directions!

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Amazon Wish List

Please consider supporting our program by purchasing an item from our Amazon Wish List. Click one of the links below and you will find several items on Amazon that will help us continue to provide an outstanding experience for our students. There are a range of prices and items to choose from. After the order is placed, the item(s) will be automatically shipped to Buchanan and will be put straight to good use improving the experience for our students!

View your pledges and donations

(For students and parents involved in the program)

  1. In your web browsers, navigate to:

    • Or go to, click on Login, click Parents/Students/Members tab, enter our school code BECMusic.

    • Please bookmark these pages.

  2. Enter your unique student account password (or CUSD ID number if this is your first login) in the area marked ‘Student Area Password’. If you don’t know your login, you will be given an option to reset your password. Charms will require that you change your password to something other than your CUSD ID number. If you continue to have issues logging in, please let us know.

  3. You've now entered Charms. Click on Finances. This page shows trips and pledges & donations.

  4. The top of this page shows an overall summary.

  5. The next section is Trips. You can make a trip payment online by clicking Make Trip Payment. (click here for specific trip payment instructions).

  6. The next section is Student Fixed Payment Detail. Our program does not use this section.

  7. Finally, we have Student Miscellaneous Ledger Detail. Pledges & donations, as well as any other miscellaneous items (polos, marching band items), are listed here. Please Note:

    • If you are making a donation please use the links above. (DO NOT use Make Miscellaneous Payment)

    • If you are paying for a miscellaneous item like a polo, shoes, shoe bags, etc. (not donations), you may use the Make Miscellaneous Payment button in Charms or you may send cash or check. Please make sure you accurately describe what you are paying for on Charms PayPal Page.