Trip Rules & Guidelines

These rules and guidelines and in place to ensure the safety of all of our students, staff, and chaperones, and should be followed at all times.

General Rules

  • First and foremost: Always act in a way that positively represents yourself, our program, our school, and our community at all times.

  • Punctuality is essential. Refer to your itinerary (“Passport to Fun”) for schedule details. You are expected to have the Passport to Fun with you at all times. Be early for everything and help everyone stay on time. Remember, early is on time, on time is late.

  • CUSD Dress Code must be followed at all times. Flip-flops are okay and appropriate comfortable clothing may be worn on the bus ride.

  • No PDA (Public Displays of Affection) at anytime.

  • No profanity, profane behavior, or conversations of inappropriate nature.

  • If you get sick or do not feel well on the trip, please notify a chaperone or director immediately.

  • The CUSD Code of Ethics is to be followed at all times. This includes, but is not limited to the possession/use of any controlled substances, alcohol, tobacco, etc. It goes without saying that your behavior must always reflect our program and Buchanan in the most positive way possible.

  • All medications, prescription or over the counter, must be checked in with the chaperone prior to departure using the the ‘Out of Town Medication Form’.

  • Respect the property of others. Do not borrow or take another’s property without being given permission to do so. One the same note, please watch and protect our belongings. If you see something suspicious, report it to a chaperone or director immediately.

  • You should always be in a group of three (3) when not with the entire group.

  • Please refer to chaperones as as Mr., Mrs., or Ms.

On the Bus

  • You must remain in your seat anytime the bus is in motion.

  • You must use headphones with music/video players always.

  • Please keep the noise to a minimum when having a conversation.

  • All movies watched must be on the approved movie list (no matter what device you watch them on)

  • You may not be on the bus at anytime without a chaperone.

  • The restroom on the bus is for emergency use only. Please wait until we stop, if possible.

During Free Time

  • You are required to stay in groups of 3 or more when you have free time. If you are seen with less, you will remain with a chaperone until the free time is over. Do not leave any location without your entire group (i.e. don’t leave anyone behind).

  • Check-ins, report times, & meeting places are set in the itinerary. Don’t be late!

  • Be careful when crossing streets. Use crosswalks. Be aware of your surroundings.

  • If there is an emergency, contact the directors/chaperones immediately.

  • You are not to leave the group to visit family/friends without permission from the head chaperone/director.

In the Audience

  • Be positive and supportive of all the groups performing.

  • Do not talk, text, or use your cell phone during any performance. Do not enter or exit the performance venue during a performance.

At the Hotel

  • You may not enter any other hotel room except for the room you have been assigned.

  • Visitors from outside of our program (including parents who are not chaperones) may not enter student hotel rooms at any time.

  • Out of respect for other hotel guests, you must remain reasonably quiet at all times when in the hotel. This extends to movement in the halls or other public areas of the hotel as well as in your room. Do not play your instrument in the hotel room. No running is allowed in the hotel.

  • Evening Room Check will be strictly enforced. Any personal needs which might require leaving your room must take place before room check. You may not leave your room for any reason after room check and before the wake up call in the morning (except for hotel emergency).

  • “Lights Out” means get some sleep! Each of you must have enough rest for the next day’s activities. Adequate rest is necessary!

  • Please respect the hotel property. Keep your room neat and in the manner you found it. Do not move any furniture.

  • Wake Up Calls: Your chaperone will call your room at the specified wake up call time. If you need more time to get ready, please set your alarm, though you may not leave your room for any reason before the wake up call.

  • You may use the pool only if there are at least three of you, and a chaperone is present in the pool area. No exceptions.

  • Room Check Out: At the scheduled check out time, everyone must be in the room with their luggage packed and the room straightened up. A chaperone will come and inspect your room. Please give all hotel keys to your chaperone. You may not load the bus prior to being dismissed by the chaperone.