Concert Credit

About Concert Credit 

Each semester, Buchanan and Alta Sierra Instrumental Music students are expected to attend a performing arts event that they are A) not performing in and B) would not normally attend. This experience is an extension of the classroom meant to teach the importance of supporting the arts in our community. The following types of performances count towards your Concert Credit requirement:

  • A Band, Choir, Drama, Jazz, Orchestra, Percussion performance from our school or another school will count as long as you are not a member of an ensemble(s) performing at the event.

  • Any community or professional fine arts concert or performance. The Fresno Philharmonic, a community ensemble, a touring performing group/musical, etc., all would count. Please check with the director to see if the event you would like to attend will satisfy the requirement. As a general rule, performances by popular artists will not count, though some may be approved at the discretion of the director.

  • The event must be at the student’s school-age level or higher. (ASI students can attend a middle school age performance or higher, BHS students can attend high school age performances or higher.)

  • The event attended must take place within the semester (i.e. an event attended during the summer would not count towards first semester concert credit).

  • As an alternative, the student may watch 60 minutes of an approved online video performance (YouTube, etc). and write a one page double-spaced, typed, 12-point font (Times New Roman) summary of what was watched. This will be graded for quality, grammar, and plagiarism and should only be utilized towards the end of the semester when efforts to attend an actual performance have been exhausted.

Concert Credit is worth 15% of the overall grade each semester.

To receive a Concert Credit grade, a Concert Credit Verification Form must be submitted online (Link above). A photo or scan of a concert program or ticket stub signed by the student must also be uploaded and included with the online submission. Please keep your concert program and/or ticket photo or scan until the end of the semester in case it doesn’t get recorded. You have until the last day of the semester to submit your Concert Credit. Concert Credit is recorded as it is turned in. Please allow up to one week for it to appear in Student/Parent Connect. 

For the first 12 weeks of the semester, incomplete Concert Credit will not count against your grade. After 12-week grades are posted, incomplete Concert Credit will count as a zero in Student/Parent Connect until your Concert Credit is turned in.

Concert credit events

If you are looking for an event to attend to fulfill your Concert Credit requirement, the Clovis Unified Performing Arts Center/Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall has events on most evenings. Click here to view the calendar for the PAC