Buchanan Performing arts Department

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is the trip fee refundable if my student doesn’t go on the trip?

If it is known that a student will not go on the trip before the trip payment due date, then we will refund your trip payment. There will be no refunds after the trip payment due date.

What happens if trip payments are not submitted by the due date?

The trip will be canceled. The program cannot afford to lose money on travel experiences for the students. 

We might be able to make an additional donation. Would that be helpful?

Extremely helpful! We want to make our travel experiences available to all students. In cases of financial need, we count on the generous additional donations of others to make the trip a reality for all students.

What if the trip is canceled?

All money paid by the student/family towards the trip will be refunded or applied towards future trips. 

What happens to fundraising money?

By definition, all fundraising money goes into the general fund of the respective Buchanan Performing Arts Program. For certain fundraisers, the program reduces the cost of a trip for the student by the same amount they fundraised (“trip credit”). If that trip is canceled, that same amount remains with the student to be applied to future trips until they graduate at which point the trip credit goes back into the general fund.