2020 Buchanan Winter Guard

Audition ResultS

Thank you for auditioning. We were very impressed with the high level of excellence and performance displayed by all of you. It was a very tough decision selecting this year’s teams. Please keep in mind:

  • The lists below are not set in stone. Each member of the Varsity Guard must prove on an ongoing basis that they are worthy of the position they earned.

  • Alternatively, if there is a personnel change on the Varsity Guard, there may be movement between JV Guard and Varsity Guard as well.

We are looking forward to an outstanding season for both of our Winter Guards!

Varsity Guard

Katherine Banuelos
Brisa Bergfeld
Brooklynne Constantino
Elizabeth Dahlberg
Hannah Dewitt
Angela Gonzales
Jessica Kertson
Tennaya Munoz
Brenna Orchard
Jazmine Perez
Halle Petersen
Naomi Putrika
Kacy Ramos
Emily Reed
Kaylin Rix
Ella teNyenhuis
Maddie Whiteneck
Lexi Zamora

Junior Varsity Guard

Samantha Bohner
Kaley Borrego
Olivia Charlton
Lilly Cluff
Ava Garrett
Jade Harrell
Mya Lewis
Trinity Llanes
Lillie Moreno
Jessie Munoz
Alina Pardo
Malaya Rodrigues
Hanna Schultheis
Toni Toledo