BEC Orchestra Concert Tuesday!

Please join us Tuesday night for the Alta Sierra and Buchanan Orchestra festival concert!  The concert will begin at 6:45 PM.  The performance order is below as well as report times are below. 

Location: Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall (Map below)
Admission: Free!


  • Students transport their own instruments unless arrangements have been made with Mr. Lack.

  • Bring all of your own music, even if you share with someone else.

  • If you have a cello strap or rock stop at home, please bring it.

Concert Attire

All Alta Sierra: ASI Instrumental Music Polos, Black Pants, Black Socks, Black Dress Shoes.
BSO/BCO Ladies: Black Slacks & Blouse or Dress, Nylons, Shoes (Skirts must cover knees when seated)
BSO Gentlemen: Black Slacks, Black Long Sleeve Button-Up Shirt, Black Tie, Black Socks, Black Dress Shoes
BCO Gentleman: Tuxes

Ensemble Three Letter Code Key

ASO - Alta Sierra String Orchestra (1st Period)
ACO - Alta Sierra Chamber Orchestra (3rd Period)
BSO - Buchanan String Orchestra (4th Period)
BCO - Buchanan Chamber Orchestra (2nd Period)

Report Times & Concert Schedule

6:00pm BSO Reports/Setup on stage/Rehearse
6:15pm All ASO-ACO-BCO report to Paul Shaghoian Concert Hall. Tune instruments!
6:30pm Doors to the Concert Hall open for audience. ASO-ACO-BCO sit in the front row of the concert hall with instruments (cellos and basses can stay in back hallway stage left).
6:45pm BSO performs (Synergy & Reverie)
6:55pm ACO joins BSO on stage. BCO help add extra chairs.
7:00pm BSO/ACO perform together (Fanfare & Frippery).
7:05pm BSO leaves stage and puts instruments away. Return to Concert Hall. BCO help stack extra chairs.
7:10pm ACO Performs (Mystic Fawn & Dramatic Essay)
7:20pm ASO takes stage/ACO Leaves stage and puts instruments away. Return to Concert Hall. BCO help add extra chairs.
7:25pm ASO Performs (Celtic Dance & Fanfare for Strings)
7:35pm BCO joins ASO on stage. BSO help add extra chairs.
7:40pm ASO/BCO perform together (Lotus Dance & March of the Shadows).
7:50pm ASO leaves stage and puts instruments away. Return to Concert Hall. BSO help stack extra chairs.
7:55pm BCO Performs (Concerto Grosso, Voyage for String Orchestra, Orawa)
8:25pm Concert Finishes. Put instruments away. Everyone helps clear the stage!
8:30pm Dismissed. Take your OWN instrument back to school!