2018-2019 BHS Orchestra Placement

Posted below are the tentative placements for the 2018-2019 school year. Seating auditions will take place in August when school starts. Auditions will also continue in August for additional positions in the Chamber Orchestra:

  • 1-5 more violins
  • 2-4 more violas
  • 1- 2 more cellos
  • 1-2 more basses

We need violas! Violinists should consider going for an open viola spot. If you are interested, see Mr. Lack for the possibility of checking out a viola over the summer. 

If you would like to review your spring evaluation video to see what you need to work on, please see Mr. Lack. 

2018-2019 Buchanan Chamber Orchestra

Natalie Agazarian
Brianna Alconcher
Inna Borshch
Irene Borshch
Aidan Coleman
Arielle Demonteverde
Joshua Hahm
Charlotte Jenkins
Ashley Larsen
Kayley Lee
Lexi Leon
Simran Longia
Solon Ma
Julie Nguyen
Sophia Susoeff

Josephine Fletcher
Pratham Hombal
Jonathan Shelton
Kalvin Xiong

Jose Caneta
Maddie Charnow
Logan Chow
Ky Duong
Karina Howansky
Mary Lee
Aranza Partida
Arline Rios

String Bass
Luke Aujero
Isaiah Plum

2018-2019 Buchanan String Orchestra

Jarred Acosta
Jasmin Aguilera
Jordan Bartel
Madison Clay
Katalina Dale
Jason Doe
Michelle Doe
Joshua Garza
Yuna Ha
Laura Hioe
Tiffany Lopez
Ruby Maciel
Kaitlyn Mouanoutoua
Christian Navarrette
Tiffany Nguyen
Daniel Perez
Leslie Reyes Gonzalez
Giselle Rios
Giovanni Salcedo
Nydia Sanchez
Alina Sheikh
Kylie Trenhaile
Brooklynn Wheeler
Heidi Xie

Nevaeh Lowndes
Loreelene Raneses
Laelle Reynoso
Nonika Sangha
Samantha Toledo
Allison Yee

Rachel Aujero
Bennett Carberry
Rebecca Cook
Selah Costi
Emilie Gooch
Rebecca Huettmann
JerseyMae Ocampo
Sydney Schock
Jordan Truong

String Bass
Angela Gonzales
Nicolas Hernandez
Allison May
Emma Sigala