Colorguard - Concert Credit Last Minute Assignment

Make sure to submit your Concert Credit by Friday, December 21st! For those of you who still need to fulfill your fall semester concert credit but won’t make it to an event this week, here is an alternative assignment:

Assignment: Select 5 WGI Winter Guard performances from YouTube.

1. Watch each of the performances in its entirety.

2. Write a one paragraph review of each show including a description of the show and your thoughts of the performance (five paragraphs total). Be sure to include the name of the group, title of the show, year/event, and a YouTube link.

3. Submit your Concert Credit and upload the paper as verification. Choose the ‘I watched an online video…” option. Add the link to the video and upload your paper:

You have until the end of the day on Friday. This must be in your own words. Any plagiarism or copying someone else’s paper will result in a zero for your Concert Credit grade.