BHS MB Group Photo Pricing Ends Monday!

Just a reminder that Monday 12/17 will be the last day for the special group pricing below. If you still need to order please place your online order sometime before Monday night as the prices will increase on Tuesday. The link to the proofs is below. Thank You!

Entire Marching Band photo 8x12 = $16.00
Section Group photos 8x12 = $16.00 5x7 = $13
Individual and Buddy photos 8x10 = $17.00 5x7 = $14
Candid Action photos 5x7 = $4.50 4x6 = $4.00

Keep in mind that the individual and buddy pictures will be cropped when ordered and include minor blemish retouching. Most eyeglass glare can be retouched. If you have questions or concerns please ask email

Photo Link Here: