October 22nd BHS Band Notes

It’s a Show Week!
Congratulations on a amazing prelims and finals run at BOA this weekend! We are looking forward to another great performance of “The Great Train Robbery” this weekend at GSTOB! 

Coming Up This Week: It’s a Show Week!
Monday, 10/22 - JBB Rehearsal 3pm-5pm
Tuesday, 10/23 - Hornline Rehearsal 3pm-5pm, CG Rehearsal 5pm-7pm
Wednesday,10/24 - Percussion Rehearsal 3pm-5pm
Thursday, 10/25 - MB Rehearsal 5:30pm-9pm
Friday, 10/26 - JBB Rehearsal 3pm-4pm, MB Football Game @ Veterans Memorial Stadium, Report 5:45pm
Saturday, 10/27 - WBA GSTOB @ Lamonica Stadium - See info below.

Coming Up Next Week:
Monday, 10/29 - No School!
Tuesday, 10/30 - Hornline Rehearsal 3pm-5pm, CG Rehearsal 5pm-7pm
Wednesday,10/31 - Percussion Rehearsal 3pm-5pm
Thursday, 11/01 - MB Rehearsal 5:30pm-9pm
Friday, 11/02 - JBB Rehearsal 3pm-4pm, MB Football Game Playoffs (Tentative)
Saturday, 10/27 - SCC @ Fresno State - See info below.

WBA GSTOB October 27th @ Lamonica Stadium
Tentative schedule is now online at www.becbands.org (under ‘Events) or click here

GSTOB Donations & Volunteers
We are in need of donations and volunteers for the GSTOB show this week! If you would like to donate please bring all donations between 2:45pm-5:30pm Thursday, 10/25 and drop them off with either Rose Manalansan or Robin Bates. Volunteers will be riding the bus with the students, pit crew to and from the event, and kitchen crew. To sign up follow this link to charms: Click here

Fresno State Golf Cart Volunteers
Our next Fresno State Golf Cart date is October, 27th. Call time is Click here to sign up!

Absences the Week of a Performance
Any student who misses a rehearsal the week of a competition or performance, regardless of the reason, may be ineligible to perform in that competition/ performance, at the discretion of the director. The performances/shows are constantly changing and evolving, even from rehearsal to rehearsal. If so please email us at becbands@gmail.com

Sierra Cup Classic November 3rd @ Fresno State
Tentative schedule is now online at www.becbands.org (under ‘Events) or click here.

Football Game Friday - Report Time & Volunteers Needed
Friday’s game is at Veterans Memorial Stadium. Report time is 5:30pm to the Bandroom. We are in uniform. Remember your 5 S’s. Please eat before you arrive! 
Volunteers: We are in need of volunteers for this week’s football game! Click here to sign up!