1. As soon as our band is assigned a warm-up and performance time, a schedule will be posted on the band website, becbands.org, under EVENTS. This page will give you information about the event and the complete itinerary.

  2. Students are required to ride the bus with the band to and from the competition. If you have a special circumstance and need to pick up your student after an event please fill out a Post Event Release Form found on under the Events menu of the website and give it to the chaperone coordinator at the time of pick-up. Pre-arrangement with the director is not required. The student can be picked up only after the truck is loaded and the group is completely finished with the competition and ready to leave.

  3. If you are planning to drive to an event when the buses leave from Buchanan please do not caravan with the buses. It creates an added danger and distraction to the buses as the drivers are told to stay together at all times. In most cases, event locations and directions can be found on the band website and or any internet map website.

  4. The buses arrive in plenty of time for unloading, eating a meal if that is planned, getting into uniform, warm-ups and then heading to the gate. The time commitment for a competition is great because of the many steps involved in getting onto the field. In many cases we arrive early in the afternoon and don’t perform until later in the evening.

  5. Students know what they need to get done as they prepare for a performance and they need to stay focused. This is why parents and families should not interfere with this focus by visiting with them before or immediately following a show. At many of the events the students are given some free time before warm-ups or after a performance and this is when you can check in with them. The truck/bus area is off limits until after the performance and the students have been given instructions for the remainder of the competition. At that time, if you are sharing a hug or a “great show” high-five please stay clear of all band vehicles so that the students can change out of their uniforms and load the truck. 

  6. The students will always be in groups of three (3) or more if there is free time or time to watch any other bands. They will sit together in the stands. Students should never leave the competition site unless given specific permission to do so by a director. 

  7. Most often, the band heads back to the truck after the performance for comments from the director and to begin the loading process. They will then head back to the stadium (time permitting) to watch other bands and the awards presentation.

  8. Students will then head back to the truck and buses to finish loading and enjoy some snacks. Buses are then loaded and head back to Buchanan or the housing site.

  9. When picking up your student at Buchanan, please do not park your car in any of the loading zone areas. The buses will need to park and unload the students in this area. Please park in a designated parking space only.

  10. Please be patient as the students are off-loaded. They must follow a row-by-row procedure that allows the students to check for any missing items and clean up their seat area.

  11. For out of town overnight competitions please read the “Gym-Stay” information below. 

Bands of America (BOA) Competitions

  1. For any BOA events such as the Saturday competition in St George, the band will perform at a scheduled time earlier in the day for the preliminary competition. There will be an awards time in the afternoon to announce the finalists. If Buchanan makes it to the finals, their performance time will be announced by the director after dinnertime. The band will stay for finals whether they are selected to compete or not.

  2. After the finals performances there is a “Full Retreat”. The entire band of every competing finalist will file onto the field for awards. It is quite a sight to behold! Definitely goose bump worthy. 

  3. The First Place winner of the competition has the option of presenting an encore performance. The Buchanan Marching Band will always stay to watch and celebrate the encore performance no matter what time the event concludes. (Just as we would love to have an encouraging audience if Buchanan were to take First Place!)

Gym-Stay Information  

  1. When the band travels out of town we make sure that we have everything we need to keep the students fed, safe and healthy. All meals will be provided for with a few exceptions of meals on the road. The director will identify which meals to plan to pay for on the posted schedule. These are usually fast food stops.

  2. Prescribed medication will be collected prior to the trip. The medication must be provided in its original prescription bottle and the medication must be indicated on the “Out of Town Medication Form” signed by the prescribing doctor. If your student has begun a new prescription since the form was signed, the doctor needs to fill out a new form. The form is found on the EVENTS menu of the band website. It is advised to take this form with you whenever you take your student to the doctor during marching season just in case a prescription is needed.

  3. Since each student is traveling with many luggage items each piece should be clearly labeled with their name. They should pack so that they are able to carry all of their belongings by themselves. For example, air mattress, sleeping bag, and pillow can be packed together in a large rolling duffle and clothing and hygiene kits can be put in a smaller duffle to be rolled along with it.

  4. The small Nike bag with shoes, socks, shirt and shorts will always be carried on the bus separately. That way the students have these items accessible for a show and do not need to rummage for their suitcase under the bus.

  5. Because we are such a large group and we want to be sure to keep the students safe, we ask that parents, family and friends not visit the housing site.

  6. Upon arrival at the gym, students will move their luggage into the gym, and place them where directed by the chaperone coordinator. A chaperone will be designated to set up in front of each outside door and down the center of the gym separating the boys and girls areas.

  7. The director will inform students of the evening schedule. They may have free time to socialize, play dodge ball and have snacks. They will be told when they need to be showered and ready for bed. The students will be allowed only in specified areas of the school. The students get settled and usually do not have much trouble getting to sleep. You can bet they are pretty tired!

  8. The director will give the students the wake-up call in the morning. The students are given their assigned duties to get done along with eating a breakfast that is set up for them. They pack up and clean up and are expected to leave the gym and locker rooms clean.

  9. Chaperones and student clean-up crews collect any items left behind and put in the lost and found in the band room.