2019 Buchanan High School
Marching Band

Student/Parent Season Acknowledgement & Information

The following information is intended to give prospective marching band members and their parents and/or guardians information about the Buchanan High School Marching Band program. If there are further questions about the program, please feel free to contact us at becbands@gmail.com.

General Information

The Buchanan High Marching Band is a competitive pageantry ensemble that participates in Bands of America (BOA), the Western Band Association (WBA), and other local competitive events. The Buchanan High School Marching Band is an elite ensemble formed from the students of the Buchanan High School Instrumental Music Program. In order to be part of the Buchanan High School Marching Band you must be enrolled in instrumental music at Buchanan High School. 

Program Goals

The Buchanan High Marching Band is dedicated to the total education of the student. The program is based on a strong foundation of technical development as well as musical and visual skills. In addition, the program serves a valuable role in the development of our students as productive members of society. We teach and encourage the values of dedication, perseverance, cooperation, and hard work. All of these goals are taught while maintaining a positive environment for learning and social growth. 

COMPETITIVE participation 

All Buchanan Marching Band students are expected to demonstrate high quality music and visual skills and observe all student performer expectations. Performing (primary) spots in the competitive show must be earned. Students who do not earn a primary position in the show still participate in marching band activities as an alternate and will be ready to assume the role of primary marcher, if a spot opens.

Attendance Expectations

Attendance expectations for the marching band are covered in details on the attendance page of the website. Please make sure you review each aspect of the attendance policy carefully. All rehearsals and competitions are mandatory for students participating in the Buchanan Marching Band with some exceptions being made based on the attendance policy. Please make sure you are subscribed to and regularly review the website calendar page.


Buchanan High School Marching Band workshops begin in the spring and continue with rehearsals throughout the summer for all sections of the band. Rehearsals continue once school starts with competitions taking place in October and November. Please refer to the website calendar page for a specific rehearsal and performance schedule.


The Buchanan High Marching Band is supported by the Buchanan High School Instrumental Music Boosters, an organization made up of band, guard, orchestra parents and others who are interested in the continued success of the program. Other support comes from members that participate in the Buchanan High School Marching Band. In order for the marching band season to take place, the program must make sure that we have raised all of the necessary funds before the marching season can continue. 

The students, directors, and staff are looking forward to a great season and we are excited that your child has chosen to audition to be a part of our program. As you may already know, the budget dollars provided by the state to Clovis Unified do not fully fund our Instrumental Music Programs, including the following activities or expenses: 

  • Staffing ($25,000)

  • Music Arrangements & Drill Design ($15,000)

  • Show Copyright Licensing ($1,000)

  • Prop building & paint ($2,000)

  • Equipment & supplies ($5,000)

  • Transportation of musical equipment and props ($1,500)

  • Colorguard Flags & Uniforms ($7,000)

Through fundraising and voluntary contributions we will be able to offer these expanded opportunities. To continue to provide these opportunities, we must collectively raise the amounts necessary to cover our costs. In order continue to provide the above-described opportunities; the total fundraising goal for the program is $56,500. Thus, estimating that there are 150 members, fundraising goals for the Marching Band program are approximately $375.00 per person. 

$56,500 / ~150 members = $375.00 per member

To assist the program in achieving its fundraising goal, we will offer fundraising opportunities for your child to participate. Information about current fundraisers is sent out in our weekly emails.

Students may assist in fundraising through one or more of the opportunities. Families are also encouraged to make a voluntary contribution to the Buchanan Band Program, in lieu of or in addition to fundraising. 

These fundraising activities are not mandatory. Your student will not be adversely affected in terms of their participation in the Program if they cannot assist in fundraising and/or making voluntary contributions to the Program. The Program’s fundraising goal is a collective one, and not on an individual student basis. As such, the larger the number of students unable or unwilling to assist, the greater the burden on those students who do meet the Program’s fundraising goal for the benefit of everyone. Based on the collective fundraising goal, if each of the members in the Program fundraises equally, the amount attributable to each student is only $375.00. 

We strongly encourage families and students to assist in fundraising activities and/or making voluntary donations to the program so that we can continue to offer these opportunities to Buchanan students. We also thank you in advance for your ongoing support of the Buchanan Band Program. 

Please note that we have a trip planned to the Bands of America Regional Championships in St. George, Utah in addition to our local competitions. An additional field trip fee will be collected to cover the costs of this trip. More information will be available soon.

2019 Marching Band Member
Family Voluntary Pledge Form & Parental consent form

The form below must be completed by a parent/guardian with the help of the student.