Buchanan Instrumental Music
Leadership Camp • Sierra Outdoor School
Friday-Sunday, September 20-22, 2019

Leadership Camp is one of the most amazing experiences you can be a part of while in the Buchanan Instrumental Music Program. This is an annual tradition for selected BHS Band, Orchestra & Colorguard students. It is a life-changing three days!  

Camp is open to all current 9th-12th grade Buchanan Band, Colorguard and Orchestra, students. Selection will be based on the student's attitude, character, written application, and leadership potential as observed by directors and staff during the school year. Efforts are also made to ensure there is representation from every area of our program (band, colorguard, orchestra, percussion). 

Camp is also open to PARENTS! While the parents will serve in a chaperone role, they will also be full participants in the camp experience as well. Space is limited. Parents can indicate their interest in chaperoning on the application below.

If you are interested in attending the leadership camp, please complete and submit the application below. Camp cost is $240.00.

Please read the FAQs below for more information about Leadership Camp. We hope you can be a part of this amazing experience! 

Leadership Camp FAQs

About Camp…
Camp Dates: Friday-Sunday, September 20-22, 2019
Sierra Outdoor School - Sonora, California (http://sos.cusd.com)

What is Leadership Camp?
The Buchanan High School Instrumental Music Department Leadership Camp is a team building & character skills camp with an emphasis on building trusting, lasting relationships with fellow students, directors and staff. Students go through a series of carefully planned activities that challenge them both physically and emotionally. Campers work through a very busy schedule of activities over the course of the three days.  Some activities included are a ropes (challenge) course, counsel group activities, mini-sessions, hikes, skits, and of course...lots of knockout! 

Who can go to camp?
Leadership camp is open to all 9th-12th grade Buchanan Band, Colorguard, and Orchestra students. It is recommended that each student in our program consider attending camp sometime during their high school career. Which year to go is best decided by the student and parent based on that students needs. It is our hope that leadership camp is one of the most rewarding experiences a student can have while in the instrumental music program.

What kind of supervision is there at camp?
Students are chaperoned by six to eight (or more) directors, parents and staff while at camp. 

Where does camp take place at?
Leadership Camp is held at Sierra Outdoor School in Sonora, California. It is a CUSD-owned property located approximately 3 hours north of Fresno. 

Where do the campers sleep?
Students are housed in cabins at the Sierra Outdoor School.  Girls and Boys are housed in separate buildings located at different places on campus. 

Who prepares the food while the students are at camp?
The Sierra Outdoor School is fully staffed with a first class kitchen crew preparing well balanced meals to the campers. They serve some of the finest food to be found at a camp anywhere. Special foods can be prepared for campers with special dietary needs.

What does it cost to attend camp?
The cost of the trip is $240.00 per student and includes all transportation, meals, lodging, and instruction. Inability to pay for the trip does not exclude you from being able to go to camp and will have no bearing on whether or not you are selected to attend. We will work with any student/family who has a financial hardship.

What rules apply to the students while at camp?
Students will adhere to the Buchanan High School Code of Conduct. While the students are at camp they fall under all the expectations that apply when they are at any Buchanan High School function. All Buchanan Instrumental Music Guidelines and Policies are also in effect.