Buchanan Marching Band
Drum Major Application

Thank you for applying to be a Buchanan High School Drum Major! Drum Majors are entrusted with a tremendous amount of responsibility and will be asked to be fully committed in the fulfillment of their duties. Conducting the Buchanan Marching Band is only a small part of the overall responsibility of being a Drum Major. The Drum Major is the link between the students and the staff and will be expected to work closely with everyone involved in the marching band to ensure a successful and smooth marching season. Being Drum Major will stretch you to serve others in ways you never thought possible, so be ready! 

Prerequisite: Drum Major applicants are required to have performed in a competitive high school marching band for at least one year.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Conduct the marching band at every rehearsal, football game, competition and performance.

  • Attend every scheduled marching band function, including all rehearsals outside of the school day.

  • Conduct the pep band at football games and rallies.

  • Serve every student with a passion and desire to ensure a positive experience for everyone. 

  • Act as a liaison between the staff and students.

  • Be the first person to arrive and the last to leave all band events so that you know the job is done right.

  • Attend and lead leadership team meetings during the summer and weekly throughout the school year. 

Each Buchanan HS Drum Major applicant must complete the following:

  1. Write a narrative essay that includes the following ideas. The essay should be in MLA format and no longer than two pages. The essay must be written and shared in Google Docs.

    1. Why do you want to be a drum major?

    2. Examples of your leadership qualities, work ethic and willingness to serve others

    3. Examples of your involvement and impact in our music program.

    4. Explain what you think will be the greatest challenges to you if you were selected to be Drum Major. 

    5. Explain how you intend address the social challenges and issues of personal conflict that arise in our program throughout the year. 

  2. Please write a short personal statement, separate from the previous essay, that reflects your passion and commitment to music and the Buchanan Instrumental Music Program. One paragraph only. The personal statement must be written and shared in Google Docs.

  3. Have three fellow students complete recommendation forms. Please use the criteria below. Share this link with each person you’ve selected to recommend you: http://www.becbands.org/recommendation

    1. One recommendation must be from someone in your grade level who was in the marching band.

    2. One recommendation must be from someone not in your grade level (not a current senior) who was in marching band.

    3. One recommendation may be from a current non-senior marching band student of your choice.

  4. Interview with directors and current drum majors. This will take place once you have submitted your application. When and if this step is completed is at the director’s discretion. 

  5. Submit the Drum Major Application Signature Page to the red Bandroom mailbox. Click here to download.

Application must be submitted by 3:00pm on Friday, February 15, 2019 for consideration.

Please let us know if you have any questions. Thank you for applying!