DCI Show Volunteers
Job Descriptions

Emergency Contact Information
Jason Kuyper - Show Coordinator - (559) 860-8118
John Lack - Show Host - (509) 389-0467

What Time/Shift are you working?
Click here to see the current list of volunteers: https://www.charmsoffice.com/charms/volunteerR.asp?s=buchedo&v=4725658

Show Location
Lamonica Stadium on the campus of Clovis High School. 1055 Fowler Ave Clovis, CA 93611. Stadium and parking entrance are along Barstow Avenue.

Please park in the main lot just west of the stadium off of Barstow Ave. Tell our volunteers working the parking gate that you are also volunteering. Don’t pay for parking! Please plan to arrive a few minutes early.

Where To Go
Once you’ve parked, please proceed to volunteer check-in. This will be near the northwest entrance of the stadium, a short walk around the baseball outfield to the northwest corner of Lamonica stadium. Look for Jenny at a table near the Lamonica Ticket Booth.

Volunteer Shirts
Jenny will check out a cool volunteer t-shirt for you to wear during your shift when you check in. Please return this shirt before you leave at the end of your shift! (We will wash them and get them ready for the next time we need them).

General Rules
Be friendly and courteous to everyone! We want everyone to have the best experience possible. If a spectator or guest has an issue, please contact a director right away.

Job Descriptions
See below for the details of your specific volunteer shift!

  • Concessions - After visiting the volunteer check in table, proceed to the first concession stand and find Robin Bates, the concessions coordinator. She will assign you to one of the two concession stands or the water sales tent, and give you a specific duty.

  • Corps Gate - You will manage the gate area where the corps enter the field. Make sure spectators to do not enter or exit from this gate!

  • Corps Parking - You will assist show coordinator Jason Kuyper in parking all of the drum corps as they arrive, making sure we use all of the parking space efficiently.

  • Judges Runner - Be available in the press box between performances to get the judges anything that they need.

  • Judges Hospitality - Setup and provide snacks for the judges during the event.

  • Parking Lot - Vehicles will pull into the lot off of Barstow, we ask them for $7, offer them a program for $3, and then let them self-park. Handicapped parking - there are spaces available, but they are closer to the campus. If they prefer, you can direct them to opposite side of the stadium where there are several spots available.

  • Prep/Unload Thursday Night - Work with the concessions coordinator to transport and stock concession stands.

  • Sign Setup - Assist the show coordinator with sign setup the morning of the show.

  • Tabulation - TBD

  • Ticket Collecting & Hand Stamps - Self-explanatory! Meet at the ticket booth.

Thank you!