Charms Office & Online Store Instructions

CHARMS LOGIN Instructions

  1. In your web browsers, navigate to:

  2. Enter your unique student account password (or CUSD ID number if this is your first login) in the area marked ‘Student Area Password’. If you don’t know your login, you will be given an option to reset your password. Charms will require that you change your password to something other than your CUSD ID number. If you continue to have issues logging in, please let us know.

  3. You've now entered your personal Charms page. Here you can access a number of different areas of information. On this page you can:

  • View our calendar as well as an event list. Only events for groups your student participates in will shown here.

  • Access our online store

  • View which forms have been turned in. 

  • Sign Up to Volunteer

  • Pay for Trips

  • Access our website

  • View your absences for events outside of school

  • See inventory items that have checked out to you

Online Store Instructions

  1. After logging into Charms, click on the shopping cart “Online Store”. This is our online store front where you can view everything currently available for purchase. To purchase an item, click choose. 

  2. The next page is divided into sections. Choose an item option from the list in the lower left section. After making a selection, another list on the right will appear allowing you to choose a secondary option, if available.

  3. After choosing options, you are automatically taken you to the ‘Quantity’ screen. Enter the quantity that you would like of the item you just selected.
    Please Note: Avail. refers to the amount of items we have in stock. In some cases, this number is set to zero to indicate that we don’t actually have the item yet and that it will be ordered after your order is placed. You are still able to order these items unless we do not plan to have anymore made or ordered. 

  4. After setting the quantity, click Update Cart. It will now list the item across the top of the page along with a current shopping cart total. You can only add one style/size to your order at a time. Repeat steps 2-4 to add other items to your shopping cart.
    Please note: Under Description/Style some HTML code tags are visible. This will not affect your order.

  5. You can now continue shopping by selecting an item below, or click ‘Checkout’ at the top right. After clicking ‘Checkout’, you may receive a warning that says "The Shopping cart contains items that may be on back order.” You can ignore this message. Most of the items available in our store are not made until you submit an order and the online store will not let you order something that we do not intend to provide after it is purchased. 

  6. Payments. After clicking Checkout, choose a payment option from the pull-down menu and click ‘Process Payment’. You can check with PayPal using your debit/credit card or your PayPal account or you can submit the order and print an invoice that you can send in with check or cash. 

  • For PayPal Payments: You do not need to have or create a PayPal account to pay using PayPal. Just follow the onscreen instructions to make the payment. If you do have a PayPal account, simply login and all of your credit/debit card info will be available to you. If you do not have a PayPal account, click ‘Pay with Debit or Credit Card’. Fill in your payment information and submit the payment. You will automatically be redirected back to our Charms store when the transaction is complete. Once back in Charms, click ‘I Accept’ to complete the order. 

  • Paying by Check/Cash: If you would rather pay by check or cash, select ‘Bill and Print’ and click ‘Process Payment’. This will complete your order and take you to an order summary page. Please print this page and submit it along with payment to the Bandroom mailbox. Make checks payable to: Buchanan Foundation. Your order will not be complete until payment is received. Your seats will be released if payment is not received in 72 hours. 

7. Once Orders Have Been Submitted, delivery time will vary. We don’t have very many in-stock items and most of the items are ordered based are certain windows of time when we submit several orders at once.

  • Instrumental Music Jackets are only ordered at certain times of the year as noted in the store.

  • You can review your order history or request cancelation at anytime prior to payment. Once payment has been processed, there are no refunds unless there is an issue with the order on our end. 

  • Orders will not be processed without payment. If you choose ‘Bill & Print’, please submit payment to the Bandroom mailbox within 72 hours. If payment is not received within 72 hours, you order will be canceled. 

8. If you have any questions or concerns about our online store, please email us at

9. Thank you for your support!