2019-2020 Alta Sierra Intermediate Band

Thank you for joining the Alta Sierra Band Program! Please read through ALL of the following information and complete all of the requested forms.

  1. Band Handbook

Please click the link to download the Alta Sierra Band Handbook. Please do not continue on this page until both parent and student have completely read the entire document!

2. 2019-2020 Alta Sierra Instrumental Music Voluntary Field Trip Permission Slip

This form will apply to all instrumental music (band, colorguard, orchestra, percussion) one-day trips for the 2019-2020 school year. Please click the button below to complete the form, then return to this page and complete step #3.

3. Family Voluntary Pledge Form & Student information form

As you may already know, the budget dollars provided by the state to Clovis Unified do not fully fund our band programs, including the following activities or expenses: 

  • Instrument Specific Sectional Classroom Coaches

  • Some School-Owned Instruments

  • Sheet Music

  • String supplies

  • Replacement Cases

  • In-Class Technology (Sound systems, iPads)

  • …and more!

Through fundraising and voluntary contributions we will be able to offer these expanded opportunities. To continue to provide these opportunities, we must collectively raise the amounts necessary to cover our costs. In order continue to provide the above-described opportunities; the total fundraising goal for the program is $10,000. Thus, estimating that there are 100 members, fundraising goals for the ASI Band program are approximately $100.00 per person. 

$17,500 / ~175 members = $100.00 per member

To assist the program in achieving its fundraising goal, we will offer fundraising opportunities for your child to participate. Information about current fundraisers is sent out in our weekly emails.

Students may assist in fundraising through one or more of the opportunities. Families are also encouraged to make a voluntary contribution to the Alta Sierra Band Program, in lieu of or in addition to fundraising.

These fundraising activities are not mandatory. Your student will not be adversely affected in terms of their participation in the Program if they cannot assist in fundraising and/or making voluntary contributions to the Program. The Program’s fundraising goal is a collective one, and not on an individual student basis. As such, the larger the number of students unable or unwilling to assist, the greater the burden on those students who do meet the Program’s fundraising goal for the benefit of everyone. Based on the collective fundraising goal, if each of the members in the Program fundraises equally, the amount attributable to each student is only $100.00. 

We strongly encourage families and students to assist in fundraising activities and/or making voluntary donations to the program so that we can continue to offer these opportunities to Buchanan students. We also thank you in advance for your ongoing support of the Alta Sierra Band Program. 

Your financial support is appreciated!

The form below must be completed by a parent/guardian and may not be completed by the student.