Alta Sierra Intermediate Performing Arts

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Dear Alta Sierra 8th Grade Orchestra Families,

Each year the Performing Arts Department plans a spring trip that’s both fun and educational for our 8th grade students. This year, on Friday, March 29, 2019, we’d like to take our groups to Disneyland in Anaheim! As you can imagine, this is an exciting but expensive proposition. A trip of this type will take a considerable amount of planning and financial assistance. This letter is intended to give you some basic information about the trip, as well as the financial goal we’ll need to reach in order to take our groups on this trip.

Here is an overview of our tentative itinerary to Disneyland on Friday, March 29, 2019: 
4:00am Students report to their Performing Arts classroom.
4:30am Depart for Anaheim, California & Disneyland (one restroom stop @ Frazier Park)
9:30am Arrive at Disneyland! Workshop and free time in the park. Students will have required check-in times. Lunch & Dinner on your own in the park.
10:00pm Final check-in time.
10:45pm Depart Disneyland for Clovis (one restroom stop @ Laval Rd.)
3:15am Arrive at Alta Sierra

The total field trip fee for the direct costs (transportation, park ticket, & workshop) associated with this field trip is $185.00. If you are interested in going on this optional trip, please complete the Disneyland Trip Form & Disneyland Permission Slip below. Disneyland Trip Form & Permission Slip are due Tuesday, February 19th. The Trip Payment is due by Monday, March 4, 2019. If you are unable to pay this fee in full or in part, please indicate that on the trip payment form and assistance will be provided. If you have any questions regarding this trip, please e-mail us at:

The field trip fee will cover: 

  • Charter bus transportation for entire itinerary

  • Disneyland Park Ticket

  • Disney Workshop

The students will need to pay for or provide on their own:

  • Sack breakfast for the trip to Disneyland.

  • Money needed to cover their lunch and dinner. We recommend $12-$15 for lunch & $15-$20 for dinner.

  • Spending money for souvenirs (optional).

Please note the following (Important!): 

  1. We ask that you only complete the trip form is you are 100% sure you will attend the trip. Submitting the form is a commitment to attend the trip and make the trip payment. 

  2. If the sum of the payments (Full Trip Payments + Financial Assistance Requested + Additional Donations) does not cover the cost of the trip, the trip will be canceled.

  3. Failure to make the agreed payment amount by the due date will remove the student from the trip.

We need chaperones! We need Parents/Guardians to chaperone to make this trip a success. Indicate your interest when completing the trip form for your student. We will contact you if selected to chaperone. Chaperones must ride the bus to/from Disneyland & pay the chaperone fee of $75.00 to cover transportation costs (Do not pay until you have been notified that you have been selected to chaperone).

To Make Trip Payments by Check or Cash

  1. Make check payable to: Buchanan Foundation

  2. Put the student’s name/Disneyland on the memo line of the check.

  3. Put the check or cash in a sealed envelope clearly labeled with the student’s name and what the check is for. 

  4. Submit the payment to the Red Mailbox next to the Buchanan Band Office by the payment due date.

To attend this trip, you must complete the Disneyland Trip Form & Permission Slip by Tuesday, February 19th.

The Trip Payment is due by Monday, March 4, 2019.

Frequently Asked Questions

What if my child is in more than one Performing Arts group?
Students who are in more than one Performing Arts group will make a decision which group they want to travel with and turn in all forms & money to that teacher. They’ll also need to be in a chaperone group, ride the bus, and attend the workshop with that group.

How will the chaperone groups work?
Each student will sign up for a chaperone group. Students will not be required to stay with their chaperone all day, but will be expected to complete several mandatory check-ins during the day. Student may enjoy the park with members of any ASI Performing Arts group, but must find their own chaperone for official check-in times. Students who are late to or miss a check-in time may spend a portion of the remainder of the day sitting with the parent chaperones at the chaperone check-in station. Students who fail to be on time for the final check-in time may receive disciplinary consequences from their Learning Director upon their return to school the following Monday.

Are there any dress code requirements? 
All Performing Arts students will be required to wear their group’s t-shirt for identification purposes, as well as for the workshop in the park. This shirt will be available soon!

Can we bring electronics on the buses? 
, but ASI and CUSD accepts no responsibility for lost or stolen items. Expensive items such as computers and tablets are strongly discouraged. 

Can we bring movies on the buses?
. We’ll be traveling on charter buses which usually have DVD players in the front of the bus. Only “G” or “PG”-rated movies are allowed. DVD’s should be labeled with the student’s name and phone number, and those students bringing DVD’s need to be assertive in asking for their movie back at its conclusion (from whomever is operating the DVD player in the front).

Can we switch seats on the buses, or switch buses?
Students will sign up for specific bus seats ahead of time and are expected to remain in that seat unless given permission to switch by their chaperone. Absolutely no switching buses will be allowed under any circumstances!

Can we go to California Adventure or Downtown Disney?
Our tickets are only good for Disneyland park. Due to supervision issues, California Adventures, Downtown Disney, and the Disneyland monorail are off-limits on this trip.

Why does the trip price sometimes increase year to year? 
Disneyland regularly increases their prices and changes the terms of the group rates on the date we plan to attend. Charter bus costs are also subject to change depending on fuel costs at the time of the trip. 

Is the trip fee refundable if my student doesn’t go on the trip?
Due to the short time before the trip date, we are now depending on those funds to cover the costs of the buses, tickets, and workshops we have now committed to.

What happens if trip payments are not submitted by the due date?
The trip may have to be canceled due to insufficient funds, which is one more reason we look forward to payments coming in sooner rather than later… so that we ALL know where things stand! 

We might be able to make an additional donation. Would that be helpful?
! In cases of financial need for some, we count on the generous additional donations of others to make the trip a reality for all students.

What if the trip is cancelled?
All money paid will be refunded in the event of a cancelled trip. 

What if my child becomes ill or injured before the trip?
Please do not send a sick child on this trip!
This puts both students and staff in a position of having to spend their entire trip caring for someone who was sick or injured before the trip even started. In instances where a student is injured and/or needs a wheelchair for the day, their own parent must accompany the child to take care of their needs. Please notify your child’s director immediately if something like this happens, so that we can designate a seat on one of the buses for the accompanying parent.