Absence Information 

Anticipated absences from any rehearsal/event outside the school day should be communicated to the director utilizing the Excused Absence Request (link above) at least one week prior to the anticipated absence. 

In cases of illness

Please email us (becbands@gmail.com or becorchestras@gmail.com) as soon as it is determined that the illness may cause the student to miss the event. Students should also communicate the absence to their section leader.

In case of family emergency

Please contact a director as soon as it is reasonable to do so to notify us of the absence.

Absences From Class

Absences from class will be excused and unexcused based on the school’s attendance guidelines as recorded by the attendance office on campus. Excused absences do not need to be made up as long as the student puts in extra practice time beyond their normal practice amount. Unexcused absences may not be made up. It is very important you make sure all absences from class are cleared through the attendance office.

Make up for other classes

Please do not ask to miss orchestra class to make up tests/assignments from other classes. Those should be made up before or after school, or at lunch.